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Chidlren having fun learning about Jesus in Good News Club

School Registration Forms for Good News Clubs

Good News Club is an exciting, fun-filled hour once a week that includes  * Dynamic Bible Lessons  * Creative Learning Activities  * Inspiring Missionary Stories  * Meaningful Songs  * Life-Changing Scripture Memory


Your child will learn  * Respect for Authority  * Moral Values  * Character Qualities  * Biblical Principles

Specially trained Christians concerned for the spiritual well-being of your child teach the Good News Club. All Club workers are screened as required by CEF's Child Protection Policy to ensure your child’s safety.

Children who want to attend the Good News Club must have a signed parental Registration Form that may be picked up at the child's school. Some school districts only provide the Registration Forms via the internet. If a parent wants a Registration Form emailed to them, contact the local CEF office through the website listed at one of the following locations.

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